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Vitalpina Spa

For your wellbeing


How often do we search for a peaceful oasis from which we can escape from the stresses of everyday life, relax our minds, and re-energise?

Discover the range of luxury treatments of offer at the Gardenia Hotel Spa and Beauty Centre where you can spend a day of absolute pampering.
The beauty treatments on offer at the Gardenia Hotel allow you to reach your desired state of wellbeing. The spa makes use of innovative methods to provide beauty treatments for both face and body which are designed to promote wellbeing and quality of life, as well as tantalise the senses.
The area has two cabins providing only the most natural treatments and massages for the face and body. Beauty treatments are given using products crafted with only the most natural and essential ingredients.
In addition to this, the spa is equipped with a UVA solarium for the face and neckline to achieve the perfect tan in just three sessions.
The sauna area of the hotel’s spa is comprised of a 600 square metre space designed for maximum comfort, thanks to our welcoming staff and the attention to detail seen in the elegant and typical alpine style of the furnishings.


Turkish Bath
45-48°C – 95-100% Humidity – 10-15 Minutes

The steam in our turkish bath seeks to balance PH levels and provide hydration, cleaning the skin of impurities and improving respiratory tract function, improving wellbeing and providing a sense of tranquility.
The natural oils incorporated into the steam provide an enjoyable and beneficial aromatic bath.
The cabin provides a cold water shower for Kneipp, which is highly beneficial to bloodflow thanks to the immediate hot-cold temperature change experienced as part of the treatment.

Finnish Hemlock Sauna
70-100°C – 10-15% Humidity – 10-15 Minutes
The Finnish sauna uses dry heat to raise body temperature to induce intense sweating which causes the pores to dilate, eliminating toxins, improving general muscle tone, and providing beneficial treatment to the cardiovascular system. The dry climate of the sauna is intended to relieve arthritic and rheumatic pain, and strengthen the immune system to fight against inflammation, colds, and flu.

Thalasso Salt Bath
45-48°C – 95-100% Humidity – 10-15 Minutes
The steam bath, with its invigorating and relaxing properties, provides one of the best forms of therapy for combatting the stresses of everyday life; furthermore, it is also a pleasurable means to improve overall physical appearance and boost energy levels. Beneficial for all ages, it is a great means of regulating blood pressure, and an indispensable form of preventative therapy for respiratory diseases.

The cabin provides a cold water shower for Kneipp, which is highly beneficial to bloodflow thanks to the immediate hot-cold temperature change experienced as part of the treatment.

Water Paradise
10-40°C – 2-3 Minutes
The Water Paradise is a treatment line where guests can benefit from a wide range of hydro treatments, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy, with treatments such as:
Tropical rain with aromas of mango and a therapeutic red light treatment;
Cold mist with aromas of mint accompanied by a blue chromotherapy treatment;
Warm citrus rain with aromas of lemon including a yellow light treatment.

Ice Cascade
The ice cascade recreates the concept of a Frigidarium ensuring a continuous production of ice flakes which can be applied to the body to obtain an immediate feeling of vitality and physical and mental rejuvenation. The flakes can also be applied locally to counteract the effects of vasoconstriction and water retention in the body.

Scottish Shower
A wooden pail with a 10 litre capacity creates a cooling effect reminiscent of a mountain waterfall. The treatment provides surprising benefits to bloodflow due to a sudden thermal change which produces beneficial reactions in the body. It also improves the tone and elasticity of body tissue.

Swimming Pools
70 sqm – 29°C
Activities and treatments on offer include upstream swimming, a hydrojet, effervescent massage therapy and a cervical spine waterfall. Not forgetting a swimming pool for the little ones! (35°C)

Hydromassage 35°C
The use of air bubbles and flowing water compresses and decompresses body tissues which aids blood and lymphatic circulation. The hydromassage action yields a multitude of health benefits especially when focused on specific body parts to ease and reduce tension. Legs feel lighter and less swollen and there is even a reduction in that dreaded cellulite! The skin also benefits from the toning, softening, and relaxing waters, as stress gradually dissipates and bodily strength is restored.

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